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What are the types of door panels for integral cabinets?

2020-01-10 09:27:52

What are the types of door panels for integral cabinets:

Fireproof board: the standard name of fireproof board is fireproof board, fireproof board is just a habitual saying of people, but it is not really not afraid of fire, it just has a certain fire-resistant performance. Fireproof board is made of fireproof board veneer and particleboard as base material (also with density board), which is made after pressing and pasting in the cabinet factory. Compared with melamine board, the processing of fireproof board is more troublesome. Many decoration teams and cabinet factories do not have special machine pressure plates, so they press them with some earth methods, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Fireproof board veneer is three layers, and melamine board veneer has only one layer, therefore, the general fireproof board wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties are better than melamine board. The fireproof board has a bright color, giving people a new feeling. However, the surface of the fireproof board is easy to be eroded by water and moisture, and improper use will lead to degumming, deformation, substrate expansion and other consequences.

Melamine plate: melamine is used to paste fire-resistant board on the surface of particleboard or density board, and its extension is wrapped in a metal frame at the edge. Similar to the fireproof board, it has the properties of friction resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat resistance, acid, heat and alkali resistance and so on. Refractory board has a variety of natural colors and lines, but there is no three-dimensional shape, with metal edge, aluminum alloy groove handle is just to increase its decoration, from the practical effect, there is not much effect.

Paint board: paint board is divided into baking paint and polyester paint. Baking paint is made up of resins and additives and can be polished and polished. Polyester paint uses spray painting process, no need to bake, the surface is matte effect without polishing, pay attention to firmness and adhesion. Good polyester paint falls off in the form of powder, while ordinary ones fall off in pieces.

Solid wood board: solid wood board is divided into pure solid wood board, solid wood composite board, solid wood veneer. The pure wood board requires high consistency of the wood species, the whole is natural, luxurious and classic, and the effect is good; the solid wood composite board is based on the solid wood splicing material and the surface is pasted with solid veneer, which can achieve the visual effect of solid wood; the solid wood veneer is double-pasted on the surface of the density board. Solid wood composite board and solid wood veneer can avoid the color difference and defects of surface raw materials, achieve the same texture and color effect, and is not easy to deform.

Pvc board: different manufacturers use different materials, the quality is uneven.

Crystal board: Crystal board is pasted plexiglass board after painting on the surface of the board, because its wrapping, edge sealing, trimming and other processes rely entirely on manual operation, coupled with the characteristics of plexiglass itself, there are many shortcomings. The crystal plate has poor wear resistance, scratch resistance, flame retardancy and pressure resistance.

Plastic frame board: the plastic frame board is affixed to the surface of the substrate with some plastic decorative bread, this material is mostly operated by hand, it is beautiful at the beginning, it has rich color and color, and it is easy to deform, fall off, twist and fade after a long time. And there are a lot of clean dead corners.



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