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Installation and maintenance skills of integral cabinets!

2020-01-10 09:39:56

Choice of installation of integral cabinets:

1, quartz stone Mesa: the first look at the color is not the original selected color, the second with a hard sharp weapon on the table to test the effect;

2. Shake the floor cabinets and hanging cabinets after installation to see if they are loose and whether the installation is firmly connected.

3. After the countertop is installed, the back water will be covered with white glass glue. You should see if the white (anti-mildew) glass glue is of good quality.

Maintenance skills of integral cabinets:

1. Avoid the flow of water on the table to soak to the door.

2. If the door panel hinge and handle are loose and noisy, you should adjust or notify the manufacturer for maintenance in time.

3. Solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture wax. Crystal door panels can be wiped with flannelette with warm water or neutral detergent.

4. The bearing capacity of the upper cabinet is generally not as good as that of the lower cabinet, so it is suitable to place light items in the upper cabinet and heavy items in the lower cabinet.

5. The utensils put into the cabinet should be cleaned and then put in, especially pay attention to the need to wipe the utensils dry.

6. The hardware in the cabinet should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent water droplets from leaving water marks on the surface.

7. The sink of the cooking table can cover the internal filter box with fine wire in advance to prevent vegetable crumbs and fine residue from blocking the water pipe.



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