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The development trend of overall cabinets!

2020-01-10 09:23:32

Development trend of overall cabinets:

Comprehensive price.

In 2013, the performance-to-price ratio of household products is still the main factor for consumers to consider. With the rising prices, consumers are very sensitive to the prices of all aspects of decoration, for fear of spending an extra penny of unjust money. For those businesses with unreasonable pricing and inflexible marketing strategies, consumers all adopt avoidance policies and show goodwill to the goods with high performance-to-price ratio one after another. Of course, for consumers, price is important, but product quality and service can not be ignored. Therefore, consumers will strive to find a golden balance between product price, quality and service when buying cabinet products, and buy high-quality products at the most affordable price.

Comments: as consumers' requirements for cost-effective products are getting higher and higher, if enterprises simply take product quality as a competitive point, then consumers will not necessarily buy it. On the contrary, it is those who make a perfect combination of price, service and quality in order to gain a firm foothold in the home market. Reduce costs, reasonable pricing, innovative products, pay attention to details, improve services, this series of measures are essential for enterprises. After all, no matter how severe the external environment is and how consumers' psychology changes, practicing internal skills and rising abruptly based on accumulated strength is always the only way for enterprises to win.

Green environmental protection.

In the past two years, green environmental protection has been a hot topic in the field of decoration. 20 cabinets.

For 16 years, it will still be the key word in the household consumer market. Now consumers have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection when buying household products. They will not only know the formaldehyde content of the products in detail, but also give priority to those products that have been certified by green environmental protection. It can be said that the concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and ordinary consumers are more and more aware of the importance of home environmental protection. Many building materials companies reflect that usually an important content of customers coming to the store to consult is the environmental performance of the product, and some people even regard it as an element of whether to buy the product or not.



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