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From raw material to process, solve the problems of corrosion / deformation / difficult installation, etc
  • Good nature

    Acrylic board has the

    advantages of waterproof, 

    moistureproof and termite


  • Anti aging

    Acrylic panels can adapt to a 

    variety of climate change, there 

    are good anti-aging performance, 

    20 years do not fade.

  • Variety

    Acrylic board has a rich variety of varieties, rich in a variety of bright colors.

  • High melting point

    Acrylic plate melting point 

    at 280 ℃, high temperature 

    resistance, even in the high 

    temperature state will not 

    easily burst, deformation.

  • Friendly

    Acrylic board is an


    material,0 formaldehyde,

    consumerscan rest assured 

    to use.

  • Many yearsAcrylic board production experience, let you more at ease
    30 minute quick response service mechanism to provide you with acrylic board purchase service quickly

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    Many customers Reasons for choosing to join East Wo Kitchen&Bath
    Committed to health
    Environment friendly kitchen and bathroom life

    Custom manufacturer of stainless steel cabinets

    Stainless steel cabinet customization

    Superior product advantageSuperior product advantage

    East Wo Kitchen&Bath has a set of production management, quality management system and quality assurance system to make product quality performance indicators stable and reliable.

    Comprehensive supportingComprehensive supporting

    The company always strictly controls every link, every process, and stands at the top of the industry with a high starting point and a high standard of quality.Considerate service, cooperation worry-free, rest assured.

    Perfect marketing networkPerfect marketing network

    Build a scientific and reasonable sales network system, perfect professional training system, convenient and fast logistics system, omni-directional service support system.

    Strong brand backingStrong brand backing

    East Wo will, as always, make unremitting efforts to forge ahead, constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, take health, fashion and high quality as the standard, and strive to create quality products that are more comfortable, hygienic and convenient.

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    Exquisite technology, aiming to provide customers with high-quality and affordable products


    Foshan Nanhai District East Wo Kitchen&Bath Co.,Lt

    East Wo Kitchen&Bath is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, which has the reputation of "historic city", the Pearl River Delta region with the most active economy in China, and is located in Xiqiao Mountain, a famous scenic resort.

    Since its inception, inheriting the spirit of pioneering and innovative, constantly committed to stainless steel cabinets, acrylic seamless board, fire board and other kitchen products research and development, adhering to the concept of creating a healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen and bathroom life.

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