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What is the quality of the overall stainless steel cabinets?

2020-01-10 10:26:28

What is the quality of the overall stainless steel cabinets:

Quality: sandwich board (commonly known as Blockboard, woodworking board) is a plywood with a solid wood core, which cuts the log into strips, splices into a core, and is processed from outside the surface material. the force of the whole board comes from the thin two-layer outer veneer, the middle is the wood block splicing, and the base material is basically free of force, and it is easy to break and deform.

Most of this kind of board uses Chinese fir for one or two years as raw material, as long as you can scratch the wood with your fingers, and the nail grip is several times lower than the national standard.

In terms of environmental protection: the advantage of the ecological board is that the substrate is good-looking, it feels like it is made of wood blocks, the name of the ecological board is also very good, and there is a feeling of environmental protection, as we all know, the environmental protection standard of the plate is mainly glue, and the cost of the environmentally friendly E0Magin E1 glue is very high, small factories will not use this kind of environment-friendly glue, all use industrial glue, the cost is relatively low.

Almost all large-scale brands in the national furniture market will not use ecological boards or cedar boards.

Before 2005, almost all new houses decorated with sandwich panels, almost all exceeded the standard, but since the rise of large wardrobe brands, the use of moisture-proof board and medium fiberboard, it is rare to hear that environmental protection exceeds the standard.

Classification of cabinet door panels: solid wood, plastic absorption board, paint baking board, UV board, double decoration panel, carbon door panel, stainless steel door panel.

Table classification: marble, artificial stone, quartz, polycrystalline glass, moisture-proof board.

Classification of cabinet materials:

1. Cement and ceramic tile cabinets. The structural frame is made of cement, brick and prefabricated board, and ceramic tiles are pasted on the outside to form the cabinet body.

2. Traditional panel structure cabinets. The cabinet body is formed by using density board, particle board, multi-layer solid wood board or solid wood board, which is connected by hardware connection components.

3. Metal frame cabinets. The frame is made of aluminum alloy or other metal, the crust plate, plexiglass and connecting angle code are used to form the cabinet body.

4. Metal cabinets. Directly use stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals as frames and plates to form the cabinet.



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