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What are the materials for the use of integral cabinets?

2020-01-10 10:25:07

What are the materials used in the overall cabinets:

The choice of composite multi-layer solid wood or moisture-proof board is suitable for the home environment with relatively high requirements for environmental protection, practicality and long service life, and friends with economic permission can be used as a choice.

Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint-free board: not only moisture-proof, but also environmental protection, and cost-effective.

National cabinet products have experienced more than ten years of development, more than ten years of time experience is enough to determine that the wardrobe with moisture-proof board is the right choice!

The moisture-proof board of the cabinet can be used in a heavy wet environment, which shows its high quality. Because the surface of the plate is more brittle, the requirement of production equipment is higher.

The walls of the new residence are decorated and painted, and the walls are more or less hydrated. After the installation of the whole wardrobe, there is no ventilation, and the back part of the wardrobe needs a better moisture-proof plate.

Moisture-proof board soaked in water, because there are long wood fiber, plus green moisture-proof agent, soak expansion to a certain extent will no longer expand, so most brand cabinets with moisture-proof board as the main material of the cabinet body, there is a certain degree of truth.

The second place / regular manufacturer produces particleboard and MDF: the particleboard produced by the same material is more environmentally friendly than MDF, in fact, the reason is simple: molded wood, no glue, environmental protection is definitely nothing to say. If the amount of glue used to cut into 1 piece is different from that used in 5 pieces, the less glue is, the more environmentally friendly it is.

MDF, also known as density board, is pressed by wood powder, flatness is better, more suitable for milling, molding, usually do modeling door panels, such as baking paint, molding (blister).

There is also MDF material is softer, edge sealing is not easy to appear the phenomenon of edge burst, easier to process, so many small factories use medium size. From the point of view of moisture-proof performance, the moisture-proof property of particleboard is much worse than that of moisture-proof board, without green core moisture-proof agent, if it is in a humid environment for a long time, the wood is easy to mildew and decay.

MDF is made of wood flour. Soaking the MDF in water will swell like a cake.

Third place / small factory low-cost production of particleboard: most small manufacturers consider the cost, generally using particleboard (that is, solid wood granule board), using ordinary glue, the cost is low in the three materials.

Fourth place / ecological board: (refers to the ecological board produced by a small workshop) large core board or sandwich board plus double-sided polyamine noodles!



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