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What are the basic principles of the overall cabinet?

2020-01-10 10:18:48

Basic principles of integral cabinets:

First goal: working environment.

1. Keep a distance of 80 centimeters between side dishes, sinks and stoves, 100 centimeters is better. This is the center of the kitchen: fish, meat, vegetables and so on are all ready here. The cooking utensils and seasonings you need should be kept within easy reach.

From a safety point of view, drawers should not be set up directly around the stove. Children will pull the drawers out and climb to high places, which will cause injuries when they run into hot soup pots.

2. The combination of washing, the most common sink and drainage cabinet is: the two sinks are 340 mm and 293 mm wide respectively and are installed on the 800 mm wide floor cabinet. Next to the sink should be: the cabinet for storing cups, seasoning boxes, glassware and dinner plates; the cabinet for storing cooking utensils such as clean dishes; the drawers for cooking utensils, knives and forks; and the floor cabinet under the sink for detergent, detergent or other chemical cleaning agents, which is also the location of the built-in garbage can.

Secondary goal: comfortable equipment.

1. Lighting: it is more important to install a lamp with suitable light in the right position than to use a lamp with high wattage. The lighting of the workbench area should come from the lights installed under the kitchen ceiling lights and hanging cabinets.

2, line of sight: hanging cabinets, range hood should not block the user's line of sight, so that he can not see the things behind the table. It is very important to keep a sufficient distance between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinet.

3. Height: commonly used cooking utensils should be kept within easy reach. The height to be taken should be set at the height reached by no step under the foot of the user after the hand is extended. The height of the high board of the hanging cabinet, which can be touched by people who are 165 centimeters tall, is about 190 centimeters. It is difficult for older people to bend over and squat. A pullable laminate or basket can make it easy for them to pick up and put things. Those who can only work in a sitting position have more restrictions, so kitchen storage space designed for people in wheelchairs should be carefully considered.



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