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What are the design methods of stainless steel cabinets?

2020-01-10 10:17:02

What are the design methods of stainless steel cabinets:

When the designer comes to the door for the first time, the first thing is to fully communicate with the owner and the decoration team, because everyone and each family have different living habits and hobbies. Through full communication among the three parties, the owners have a preliminary concept of their kitchen layout and know what major things need to be placed, while the designers help the owners complete their ideas with a professional standard. At the same time, it also corrects the problems that may arise. Designers should reflect everyone's living habits and hobbies, including left-handed and right-handed habits, and so on. Only through full communication can we make a reasonable layout and reasonable positioning according to the situation of each family.

Some owners need water treatment equipment at home, such as water softeners, ask water treatment equipment manufacturers to come together to ensure that appropriate socket positions are reserved.

Some owners often make some alterations to the kitchen. first of all, they should follow the rationality of not destroying the original pipes (water, flue), as well as the convenience of maintenance, what is more, they can not destroy the original structure of the house, and need to obtain the approval of the property. The starting point of the reconstruction should be conducive to the actual use of cabinets to increase space, visibility enhanced.

The design and installation of the overall cabinets are inseparable from the cooperation of the decoration team. Such as the laying location of the wall and floor tiles, the height of the ceiling, the width of the door frame line, the location of the gas meter, the actual trend of the gas pipe, water pipe, power line, and so on, all need the cooperation and construction of the decoration team. When the construction of the kitchen foundation is completed, the owner shall notify the designer for the final retest. At the same time, the relevant configuration of electrical appliances should be bought in place for the designer to confirm.

Therefore, owners, designers, decoration team tripartite cooperation, mutual communication is a very important link, so as to avoid the loss caused by poor communication between the three parties.

After the designer's final retest is completed. We should take the initiative to make an appointment for the owner to sign the contract (store). At this time, the designer and the owner need to further improve the details, from the style, style and color, item by item clear, designer in the professional aspect, to be as thoughtful as possible, to do the work in more detail, and to explain clearly some of the areas that the owners do not understand. Including the use of materials, materials, the origin of materials, material performance, hardware accessories, production features, installation of the actual situation, cabinet structure characteristics and so on. In terms of style and color, we should listen to the opinions of the owners, and finally sign on the contract and drawings, confirm them on the drawings, and then enter the factory production procedure, installation procedure, sale procedure and after-sale procedure.



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