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Introduction of several types of cabinet materials!

2020-01-10 09:36:37

Introduction to several types of integral cabinet materials:

Mirror resin board: mirror resin board is currently used in the Ambry market, and its properties are similar to those of baking paint doors, that is, fashionable, colorful and waterproof. But not wear-resistant, easy to flower, and high temperature resistance is not very good. So high requirements for color, the pursuit of fashion consumers can choose mirror resin board cabinets, but because it is easy to flower, so use should pay attention to maintenance.

Waterproof: with the popularity of the use of cabinets and the high-quality requirements of modern people, many customers are no longer interested in low-price products, because water is needed for cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen. in the past, many kinds of products will expand and deform or mildew as soon as they touch water, and people now begin to demand products with high water resistance. At present, many cabinet manufacturers have launched waterproof cabinet door panels: waterproof molded panels, waterproof paint baking boards, anti-crystal rigid panels, waterproof supreme crystal rigid doors, etc., the door panels have been soaked in water for a long time, and the door panels have not been deformed and expanded at all. The concept of fully waterproof cabinets has become a high-standard choice for modern people.

Acrylic type: acrylic has excellent weather resistance, good anti-aging performance, good processing performance, excellent comprehensive performance, acrylic board is rich in color, and is extremely non-toxic, even if it is harmless in long-term contact with people. and the gas produced during combustion does not produce toxic gas.

Toughened glass type: no plate design door panel, will be simple to play to high quality, strong and durable, glass material, high gloss, smooth surface, easy to clean, simple atmosphere.



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