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What are the materials of the overall cabinets?

2020-01-10 09:29:01

What are the materials of the overall cabinets:

Solid wood type: solid wood makes Ambry door panel, the style is more classical, usually the price is higher. Solid wood door is divided into solid wood core board door and solid wood veneer door, the general door frame is solid wood, with cherry wood color, walnut wood color, oak color as the main color. The door core has medium density board pasted solid wood, and there are also solid wood door core. In the production, the solid wood surface is generally concave and convex, and the outside is painted, so as to maintain the original wood color and beautiful shape. This can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core board can ensure the strength of the door panel.

Bamboo type: bamboo cabinet (BAMBOO KITCHEN CABINET), also known as "Bamboo Kitchen Furniture", is a family civilian facility with comprehensive functions such as burning, washing, storage, lampblack, catering, bar and so on. Bamboo cabinets are the physical carrier of the perfect combination of kitchen utensils, functional components, kitchen appliances and the artistic carrier of bamboo kitchen design ideas in modern, European and American kitchens, so she must be the mainstream of the overall kitchen today and in the future. In a sense, we can even equate the design aesthetics of the whole bamboo kitchen with the design aesthetics of the whole bamboo cabinet. Bamboo cabinets are composed of bamboo hanging cabinets, bamboo floor cabinets, bamboo craft cabinets, bamboo lines, bamboo Roman columns, countertops and various functional hardware accessories.

Cabinet customization.

Suction type: the base material of the suction plate is density board, the surface is formed by vacuum blister or a seamless PVC membrane pressing process is adopted. The suction door panel is rich in color, lifelike wood grain, pure monochromaticity, non-cracking and non-deformation, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, dirt-resistant and anti-fading, which is the most mature cabinet material and simple in daily maintenance. Blister door panel is a very mature and popular cabinet material in Europe. The quality of blister door panel is mainly determined by membrane skin.

Melamine veneer type: paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, and laid on the surface of particleboard, medium density fibreboard or hard fibreboard, made by hot pressing. In the domestic production of melamine finish, the indicators are also up to the international standards.

Molded type: it takes the density plate as the base material and uses the face mold PVC as the veneer to be hot-pressed at high temperature. It is divided into two categories: Matt molded plate and highlight molded plate, and can be processed into various shapes. Noodle models are divided into domestic imports, imports generally come from South Korea, Japan, Germany. The difference between imported domestic products lies in the thickness and thinness of face moulds and their wear resistance.



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