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Future development trend of Foshan stainless steel cabinets!

2020-01-10 10:29:12

Five Future Development Trends of stainless Steel cabinets in Foshan.

1. The trend of "integration of kitchen and electricity" (that is, kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances and overall cabinets are organically coordinated) is gradually strengthened. More electrical appliances specially designed for cabinets are widely used, and the kitchen electricity system is constantly upgraded and improved, which will develop towards intelligence and network.

2. The large-scale and standardized mode of production will not only promote the development of the cabinet industry, but also the brand enterprises will dominate the market development in the whole cabinet market, and the workshop-type small cabinet manufacturers will be gradually eliminated in this competition. At the same time, various industries related to cabinets are combined to form a complete kitchen system, and the development trend of integrated home is prominent.

3.Using kitchen furniture to open enjoyment furniture, kitchen is no longer a traditional form, but a multifunctional living space that integrates cooking, entertainment, leisure, gathering, learning and communication. When customers choose kitchen furniture, it is not only for simple cooking and storage, but also to experience and enjoy kitchen life.

4. The selection of cabinet raw materials and accessories pays attention to health and environmental protection, the space design embodies humanistic care, the functional basis reflects the unity and coordination of cabinet design and home environment, and the integration of kitchen and living room reflects the owner's personal aesthetic taste. For example, users participate in the combination of unit cabinets or directly provide "building block" components by the user DIY, to adopt more functional drawer combinations, providing movable space, self-adjustable functions and so on.

5. Users pay more attention to quality, style, service level, price rationality (quality-price ratio) and brand reputation, which is also the main direction and driving force for the growth and development of cabinet enterprises.



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