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How is the development of Foshan stainless steel cabinet industry?

2020-01-10 10:27:43

Industry development of stainless steel cabinets in Foshan:

Development status.

In our country, there is still a lack of perfect supporting standards in the fields of kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances and construction, especially in some details, such as the clearance size of the kitchen, the layout form and interface location of pipelines, and so on. The industrial products of manufacturers often can not adapt to the various conditions on the site and need to be temporarily modified, which objectively restricts the large-scale production and rapid development of manufacturers. The contradiction between individuation, scale and standardization of cabinets will be the bottleneck of many manufacturers in a short period of time. Optimistically, the pros and cons of everything go hand in hand! This situation also continues to give birth to the growth and healthy development of China's cabinet industry. With the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive strength of formal enterprises, the whole industry will face a new round of "reshuffle", small and weak cabinet enterprises will withdraw from the market in the "shuffle".

Precisely because the cabinet industry does not have excessive access, the process sales is more flexible, creative, and has greater requirements based on the personality of the object of purchase, so this industry does not even have a complete industry standard, quality standard, size series, style, etc., the eight Immortals cross the sea, each has its own ability, some even do not have any standards, and customers can produce whatever they want. The extensive use of cheap and inferior materials and non-environmentally friendly materials has triggered a "price war", and the demand process is full of non-standard services and poor product delivery. As a result, the vicious competition of the "price war" in the industry is becoming more and more fierce.

These typical forms of Chinese competition lead to the same appearance and function of products in the market, and the low degree of industry concentration, which seriously hinders the technological upgrading of the industry and the development of high-quality enterprises. Kitchen equipment in developed countries has formed a high degree of serialization and standardization, with complete sets, versatility and interchangeability.

The overall kitchen ownership rate of urban households is only 2%. In the eastern and southern coastal areas of China, the ownership rate of household cabinets has reached 3%, compared with 0% in the central and western regions. According to the statistics of authoritative research companies, the overall kitchen sold 460000 sets in 2003 and rose to 760000 sets in 2004. It is expected that the potential market for overall cabinet products will reach 3.1 million sets in the next three years, with a growth rate of 120.7%. If each set is calculated at an average of 20, 000 yuan, there is a market space of 62 billion yuan.



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