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What are the points for attention of the whole cabinet?

2020-03-05 08:32:27

Matters needing attention of integral cabinets. 

Cabinet countertop: the most vulnerable part of the cabinet. 

The countertop should be regarded as the fragile part of the cabinet, and it is the part that has the closest contact with food cutlery. Therefore, when choosing a countertop, in addition to the style and color of the door panel, it should be considered more environmentally friendly. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between the pros and cons of the table, so choosing brand products with word-of-mouth is a guarantee of good quality. 

Artificial stone: good artificial stone has no capillarity, smooth and smooth, fine and uniform texture, higher acrylic content of the table is better, such a table is not easy to ooze, easy to take care of. 

Fireproof board: belongs to a kind of wood-based panel, the color will have a lot of choices. The selection of fireproof board should focus on its processing technology, the splicing and drilling place should be tight and tight, and the sealing edge should be natural, smooth and firm. 

Natural stone: there are two kinds of natural stone commonly used in cabinet countertops, granite and marble. 

Although it is a natural stone, there is a phenomenon of good and bad quality, so we can make more comparisons when selecting, and choose the ones with smooth contact feeling and uniform color and lustre. If there are obvious color differences and cracks on the stone surface, it is likely to be a low-grade product. 

Hardware: a place related to the life of cabinets. 

The hardware gadget on the cabinet may be the most inconspicuous place, but it is like a human joint, every place is important. 

The hinge is one of the most used hardware in the cabinet, and it is also the most tested part of the cabinet in the process of use. Good hinges of good quality are mostly formed by one-time stamping of alloy or cold-rolled steel, with a thick appearance and smooth surface, while inferior hinges are very thin and easy to fall off. When you choose and buy, you can open the cabinet door and try to feel it. If you feel relaxed, you will not make a loud sound when you close the door. The strength is soft and the feeling of no impact is better.



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