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The future development direction of the whole cabinet!

2020-01-10 09:24:53

The future development direction of integral cabinets:

Individual needs.

Nowadays, the post-80s generation has gradually become the main force of home decoration, and their consumer psychology has also become an important factor affecting the whole market trend. The post-80s generation is in pursuit of personalized life, especially in the face of decoration, mash-up style, fashion style, alternative decoration …. Nothing can be missing. The post-80s home decoration consumer group has rich creativity and imagination, has a unique appreciation and understanding of art, and hopes to master and dominate their own home design. Therefore, personalized demand must be one of the indispensable keywords in the home market in 2016. To this end, some household enterprises provide owners with DIY home decoration design software, users can choose their own preferred style, furniture, accessories, home appliances to any combination, and can arbitrarily adjust the size, color, location, as far as possible to meet the post-80s to show a unique personality of customized decoration needs.

Comments: the increase of consumers' personalized demand has put forward higher requirements for enterprises, and the stereotyped products and services can not make enterprises stand out in the highly competitive market. In the face of such an environment, innovation is the source of continuous progress. Whether it is design innovation, service innovation, or marketing innovation, only by thinking about what consumers think and meet the personalized needs of customers, enterprises can win the favor of more consumers.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, when consumers buy household products, they will consider not only the price and quality, but also the added value brought by the product brand. In other words, consumers' brand awareness is growing day by day, a piece of furniture, a bathtub is not only daily necessities, but also reflects a person's taste and connotation of life. Therefore, more and more consumers begin to love brand products, while paying attention to the functional value of products, their cultural value and even collection value begin to take root in the hearts of the people.

Comments: in the face of this change in the concept of consumption, the shaping of the brand has become a magic weapon for all enterprises to attract customers. If you want to build your own brand into one of the first-class brands in the industry, on the one hand, enterprises should focus on fine and deeply dig the connotation of products, and only by constantly longitudinally excavating brand advantages and product characteristics can enterprises achieve greater development; on the other hand, to find their own target customer base, to brand culture, product quality and improve service to cultivate loyal customers, and finally play the role of guiding the market.


Set flushing, drying and other functions in one of the intelligent toilet, automatically adjust the water temperature of the shower …. This kind of smart home products not only have a fashionable appearance, the most important thing is that its humanized function can enable users to better enjoy life and make life more quality bit by bit. Although people with certain economic strength have always been the mainstream consumers of smart home products, it is believed that in 2013, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, ordinary consumer groups will gradually increase their motivation and esteem for smart home products.

Comments: smart home, as a sunrise industry in the home building materials industry, is not only the inevitable outcome of the continuous development of consumer demand, but also the inevitable trend of the development of the industry. Although many enterprises are optimistic about this market, if they want to go further and longer on this road, they can not do without the two major factors of innovation and strength. After all, the homogenization of products in the home market is becoming more and more serious today, how to be one step faster in technology is a topic that all enterprises can not avoid.



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